Cures for Christmas stress

So with all of the busyness of Christmastime, it’s easy to get stressed out and forget to enjoy ourselves.  So I have concocted a list of some of the things that help me de-stress and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.  Enjoy!

  1. Doing my Christmas shopping online
  2. Decorating the tree with the hubs
  3. 100

  4. Going to Starbucks and getting delicious holiday flavors
  5. Listening to “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, my most favorite of Christmas albums
  6. Giving a Snuggie as a white elephant gift (that’s Katherine in the pic; she’s one of our Sunday school directors)
  7. Saying “Merry Christmas” to everyone who tells me “Happy Holidays”
  8. Being married to this sweet man  (Sorry this isn’t something you can do yourself, but maybe you can find a close substitute)
  9. And most importantly, remembering the true meaning of Christmas

Precious baby clothes!

Hey everyone!  Happy Saturday!  So, time for a shameless plug.  But actually not shameless at all because I am very proud of the thing I am plugging! 🙂  Anyway, I wanted to share with you a new project of my mother’s, called “Hear My Heart Smocking”.  My mother is an excellent seamstress and has been making beautiful English smocked clothing for years and years.  She made clothes for me and Erin when we were little, and through the years she has continued to make clothes for the children of our friends and family.  So anyway, my mom has decided to start selling a few outfits that she has made on Etsy (an online store for handmade things), and she has already started generating interest!  Just a couple of days ago she was asked to make a custom outfit for a new baby!

Click on the banner below to see my mom’s new shop:

So anyway, I am just really excited for my mom and wanted to share it with you all!  And if you or someone you know could use an adorable new baby gown, dress, bonnet, etc, then check out her shop!

I heart Twilight

Hi, my name is Liz, and I have a confession to make:   I am a Twilight fan.  I can’t help it.  I own all four books and I’ve read through them all twice.  I own the first movie.  And I have been looking forward to New Moon for months!  I am going to see it today with Audrey, Lynn and Kristin and I’m super pumped!  I am looking forward to seeing all of the funny teenagers dressed in their “Team Edward” t-shirts and what-not.  The “Twi-hards”.  There will probably be some moms wearing the same.  I think Kristin may actually be wearing one too.  So I may not be allowed to laugh. 🙂  That’s okay though, because if I had the guts I’d probably wear one too.  Only mine would be Team Jacob.

Branden would like me to say that he is not seeing New Moon today.  He is doing all sorts of manly things today like getting his car fixed and watching football, and training for the Warrior Dash.  (See the Matterns’ blog for more info.)  I have actually never met anyone so against Twilight than my husband, especially since he has not even seen the movie.  He thinks it is stupid and moody.  Well, it might be a little moody, but it is not stupid.  It is awesome.

Anyway, that is all I have to say for now.  I am going to go enjoy my movie!  Have a great day everyone!

I’m still here

Hey everyone! I bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth, huh? Well, I guess I fell off the face of the blogging world for a while… with all of the other computer-related stuff I do every day, sometimes I just get into phases where doing anything else on the computer seems like too much. But I think I might be ready to do some more blogging, so yay! To all of my friends who have blogs, I am going to attempt to catch up with all of your stuff too! (That may take a while.) 🙂

In the mean time, I thought I’d share my latest project:  A website for my Sunday school class, Blueprints!  Sorry, you can’t see much of anything without logging in and I don’t want to share that info here, but you can at least see the design!

Blueprints website

Let me know what you think!  Have a great day everyone!


So I’m using some 3rd party software on a project at work, (which means another company wrote it). And so I was looking through the code and I came across this comment:


It’s nice to find things that make you smile at work. 🙂


Happy Sunday morning everyone! Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why is Liz posting on a Sunday morning? Why didn’t she get her booty to church like everyone else?” Well, the answer to that is that my sweet husband woke up sick this morning, so we are playing hookie today. So I’m happy to stay home with him and blog instead. 🙂 But I won’t dare leave the house until after lunch, lest anyone mistake me for a heathen. 😛 (Just kidding). I am a little disappointed to miss Pastor Gregg’s sermon this morning, because he is starting a three week series on The Birds and the Bees. I’ve heard some women (like Beth Moore) teach on the subject before, but I can’t remember ever hearing a sermon by a senior pastor about sex before. Kudos to him, though! That can’t be an easy subject to preach on. Especially when our congregation is so large and diverse.

So, my dear friend Jana has tagged me, which for all of you less familiar with blogging terms, that means she has challenged me to answer a question that has been passed around. That is great with me, because that provides me with material to write about! 🙂

So Jana’s tag is for me to share 10 honest things about myself. And since this is the Ramseys’ blog and not just Liz’s blog, I will extend these 10 honest things to include Mr. Ramsey as well. 🙂

1. I am a Martha. If you don’t know what I mean, then click here. At any time of the day, I can easily come up in my head at least ten things that I need to do, whether its things to buy, clean, write, organize, make, cook, you name it. I literally haven’t been bored in years and have never been without something to do. It’s a challenge for me to sit and relax and do nothing. Usually I do okay with this state of Martha-ness, but this often leads to stress and me burning out.

2. Branden, on the other hand, is very much a Mary. I am so thankful for this, even though at times I can’t for the life of me understand him. 🙂 He is very content to let things be, and to do something fun or relaxing instead. He is for sure a hard and honest worker, but he is more at ease when not everything is put away or organized or checked off from a list. We balance each other out very well. I help him remember to clean up after himself, and he helps me to stop and smell the roses.

3. Branden and I can communicate without using words. We have developed an entire vocabulary of noises that we use to get our points across. But don’t ever ask us to demonstrate because we’ll act like we don’t know what you’re talking about.

4. This is probably true of most people, but I value family a lot more now as an adult than when I was younger. I wish I could remember why I was so embarrassed as a kid when my parents were around. Why didn’t I know how kind and funny and smart they were? For me, it was nothing extraordinary to spend an afternoon playing with my sister or going to Tyler to visit my Grandma and visit with the cousins. Now I wish I had another day to see Erin and Billy face to face here on earth. Fortunately I know I have an eternity to spend with them in heaven, but the memories I have of them are extra special to me now. I get super excited when Branden and I make plans to drive 40 minutes to Tomball to visit my parents. The thought of one day having a family of my own also thrills me.

5. I have a huge amount of hair. I do pretty well at keeping it under control, but there is a ton of it under there. Every time I go to a salon, the person doing my hair will comment, “Oh, look how much hair you have!” This is usually followed by them calling someone else over to also observe how much hair I have. It will also take this person three times longer to cut my hair than their average customer, so I usually feel oblidged to tip them a little more. Branden also has very thick hair, so our children will probably look like Cousin It.

6. My dad, Branden, and I all share the habit of analyzing everything. We can’t just look at something and end it there. We need to debate how it works, why it’s there, who made it, etc.

7. My dad and I are also alike in that we get lost all of the friggin time. We have no sense of direction whatsoever. It’s dangerous if the two of us run errands together because we’ll completely forget where the car is. Our family got my dad a TomTom for Christmas, though, so at least there’s hope for one of us now. 🙂

8. Branden’s super power is falling asleep on commmand. It doesn’t matter what he was doing prior to going to bed, or what he ate, drank, experienced, thought or talked about beforehand. Once his head hits the pillow, he’s out. Not only this, but if something wakes him up in the middle of the night, no big deal, he’ll just go right back to sleep. I am completely jealous of this fact.

9. Most of my dreams involve me flying. It’s usually not a Superman type of flying, but it usually involves me flapping my arms and legs, kind of in a swimming motion. I guess my brain finds it too bizarre to dream about flying without propelling myself in some way. That would be weird, right? 🙂

10. Branden is fantastic about making stories funny. I can talk about an event to someone with a fair amount of animation, but Branden can tell the same story and he’ll have everyone laughing. I like that he can do that. 🙂

Whew! Thinking of ten things was harder than I thought it would be.  Time to go find something productive to do now (see #1).  Tootles! 🙂

¿Habla usted español?

Confession:  I really wish I knew Spanish better.  I took three years of it in high school and since then I have had times on and off where I’d bust out my Spanish notes or flashcards and try to remember everything.  I can remember a bunch of vocab and some verb conjugation, but if you stuck me in front of a fluent Spanish speaker and told me to carry on a conversation, I’d be in trouble.  I’ve always entertained the idea of signing up for a class at a college or something, but never committed…

Until now!  I’m actually taking a class at HFBC, not at a school, and it is geared towards sharing the gospel.  What a great topic to focus on!  I was talking to Lynn about learning Spanish the other night and she mentioned that HFBC offered classes, and then boom, I went to church the next morning and they have an entire flier for all of the church’s classes!  They have five different levels of Spanish classes all for the purpose of missions, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

If you’re interested in joining me in brushing up on your Spanish, check out the link here!  There’s an intro class, then followed by class levels 1-4.  I’m taking Level 1.  The class meets once a week (Sunday evenings) and it costs only $25.  Okay I’m finished with my plug now. 🙂

Hasta luego!

Yard Bird

I came across this while working on a project at work this morning.  And here I thought that Mom was the only one who had this nickname for chicken!  I guess I was wrong. 🙂

3:30 am

That’s what time I woke up this morning. Yes, I said 3:30am. And did I ever manage to fall back asleep? Nope. Want to know what I was thinking about when I woke up? Shutterfly. That’s all. That’s what woke me up. That and I had a song stuck in my head, although I’ve already forgotten which one it was. So that means I got 4.5 hours of sleep last night and I have already been awake for 4.5 hours. Yep, it’s going to be a fun day.

Things I accomplished during my time awake this morning:

  • Read my bible at 3:30 (had to do it eventually this morning anyway!)
  • Tried to trick myself into taking a “nap”… didn’t work
  • Took the kitchen clock off the wall because it was ticking too loudly and threw it in the other room
  • Tried to take a “nap” again… still no dice
  • Accepted my fate and got up again
  • Actually ate breakfast while sitting down and not doing something else at the same time
  • Watched 30 minutes of “So you think you can dance” that I had recorded
  • Packed our lunches
  • Still had an hour to kill after that, so just decided to go to work early

So here I am; for the most part I’m awake, at least for the time being. I’m curious to find out what shape I’ll be in during our 4pm meeting! Not the best idea to nod off while the CEO is talking. 🙂