Baby Updates!

Hi everyone!  I know, it’s been forever since I’ve written, but life has been super busy over the last few weeks!  I’m sure you moms understand. =)  But never fear, I come bearing pictures!

So I guess the last time I blogged, I told you all that we’re having a boy!  So since then we’ve decided on his name, which I will now announce using a pillow that my sweet Mama has sewn for him:

Isn’t this the cutest pillow ever?  Mom has recently bought a monogram machine and has already put it to work. =)  So Branden and I chose the name “Matthew” because we really wanted a classic name that we knew would be good for him now and in fifty years too.  Plus it’s from the Bible. =)  We chose “Hale” because that’s Branden’s middle name, and I’ve always loved it.  It means “Hero”, isn’t that great?!  The day after we decided on Matthew’s name, I felt him kick for the first time!  I figured he was showing his appreciation for finally being given a name. =)  That was during week 20, and today is the first day of week 27!  I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by.  Matthew is getting so big!  And active!  I feel him kick and punch and flip all day long.  The other day  I was reading on the couch and I had my Kindle (book) resting on my tummy, and I could see it jump up whenever Matthew kicked.  Maybe he was telling me to stop reading?

Here are his latest sonograms (from week 21)

His adorable FEET!


His profile


Another Terminator pose =)

Every time I go in for an ultrasound I’m blown away by what our technology can do, and the little life that  God is building!  And now that you’ve seen how big Matthew is getting, time to see how big I’M getting!  Drumroll please…

That yellow shirt just barely fits now, haha!  I’m almost to the point where I can wear nothing but maternity clothes now.  Oh, and Branden also wanted to pose for a belly picture…

He’s looking good, huh? =)  He always likes to tell people that he’s taking it easy and not working himself too hard.  =)  No but really Branden has been a super supportive husband.  He rubs my sore feet and back, helped clean around the house, and he goes on walks with me around the neighborhood.  And the best thing is that he’s just as excited as I am.

I know it’s pretty obvious that I’m pregnant now, but I still can’t believe how bold people are being in public when they congratulate me or ask me how far along I am!  That’s just not something that you want to get wrong.  If you assume some lady is pregnant and she’s really not, then there’s no real way to recover from that.  You’ve basically told her she’s fat.  I guess you could always try Brian Regan’s approach…

(I couldn’t find a video of just the “baby” part, so if you want skip ahead to 1:56.  Or better yet listen to the whole bit because he’s that good.)

So many other fun things have been happening lately too, but this blog post has already gotten humungous so I’m going to call it quits for now.  More to come later!



2 thoughts on “Baby Updates!

  1. Cute name! Cute pillow! Cute Liz! I love it! Yeah, like you’re pregnant… I can see you just have something tucked up under your shirt. 🙂 Do you know how many people want to hit you for saying you can still wear some of your normal clothes at 27 weeks? 🙂
    I’m so excited for you! Keep the updates coming!

  2. Hello Sweetie! I know I am prejudiced, but you definitely have the cutest baby I’ve ever seen : ) and, may I add, the cutest husband I have ever seen!!! Ha Ha

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