I know it’s pretty common for your parents to be excited and happy for you when you tell them they’re going to be grandparents.  Your mom may jump for joy and hug you senseless.  Your dad may shake your husband’s hand and give him a good pat on the back.  These are all well and good.  And probably normal.  But not my family.  Not especially my mother.  When we told her, she broke into the Hallelujah chorus.

Did I mention that neither Branden or I have any (living) siblings?  We’ve basically been the only hope for grandchildren for five adults.  And the only hope for great-grandchildren for three others.  I think they were happy when Branden and I got married, but what they were really celebrating was our ability to provide them with grandchildren.

Yeah, our kid is gonna be S-P-O-I-L-E-D.

And also an Aggie, in case it wasn’t obvious. =)


2 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. Dear Sweetheart, Well, what can I say? You told on us! Ha One thing is for sure: your baby is going to be truly loved! Thank you to you and Branden for having us a grandbaby (grandson)!!!

  2. Super cute way to tell the family! I might have to steal it someday, although they’ll probably be a little less excited since they’ll have been through it twice already. Oh well – exciting for me! 🙂

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