The results are in…

So my OB (baby doctor) was super nice and offered to let us come in yesterday morning without a real appointment and see if we could figure out the sex of the baby (since last week TBD didn’t cooperate).  In preparation for this event, I drank coffee and ate two pieces of chocolate.  (Hey, I gotta take one for the team, you know?)  And you know what, we were successful this time!  Want to know what TBD is?  Drumroll please…

We are so excited to finally know the sex of the baby!  And actually we are still going to call him “TBD” for now because we don’t have a name picked out yet.

And I know I’m a little behind in sharing some sonograms with yall, so here are the most recent ones:


Week 17 – The baby’s skull and spine are really evident here!


Week 18 – Branden and I think TBD looks like the Terminator in this one =)


And then here are a few belly pics that I’ve taken recently.  I’ll probably take them more often now that I’ll be expanding more rapidly. =)


Week 12 – Nothing much to see


Week 17 – Maybe a little something =)


And now as my friend Amy put it (who is also expecting a boy!), now comes the fun part… shopping and decorating!  Yay!


2 thoughts on “The results are in…

  1. Wonderful news! Isn’t blue your favorite color? This boy should fit in just fine. God is blessing you two with one of the best chapters in your lives. Enjoy every moment and remember this too will pass, way too fast.
    So fun yet you be sure to take care of yourself and get all the rest you can! BR, it is now time for you to step up and put your lovely wife on that pedestal.
    Love and hugs & baby kisses!
    Mama & Grandma Ramsey

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