Reading is for cool people

One of my favorite things I’ve been attending lately is a book club that some of my girlfriends and I started for ladies in the Katy area!  We meet once a month and discuss a book that we’ve agreed to read.  Sometimes the books are ones I would have never thought to read on my own, like Life of Pi, which is great because it gets me to expand my horizons a tad. =)  Some of the books I really like (like Little Women!) and some not so much (cough, Frankenstein, cough). But whether the book is amazing or not, we always have fun getting together and discussing what we thought.

So this month we read Little Women, and I’m embarrassed to say I don’t think I’ve ever read it before now!  (Gasp!)  It was one of the sweetest books I’ve ever read.  I flew through it.  It was positive, encouraging, sometimes sad, sometimes romantic, but always hopeful and joyful.  The characters were greatly developed and I found myself cheering and crying for them.  Almost every chapter had a moral, a lesson that one of the daughters learned.  And the overall theme, to me, seemed to be that love and family is more important than any material possessions.  I really recommend reading this book!

And to celebrate Christmas, we decided that this month instead of our normal book discussion, we would cook dinner and watch the Little Women movie.  The movie was really great as well, and it was funny how many big stars were in it (who weren’t such huge stars at the time).  Namely this guy:

Look familiar?  Maybe this will ring a bell…

Now go read something you enjoy! =)


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