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Springtime and the living’s busy

Hi everyone!  Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written last.  I keep meaning to, but then something else always seems to comes up.  But at the time I’m writing up this blog, Branden and I are driving back from Dallas, so I’m kinda stuck sitting here in the car so hey, why not write a blog entry?  We’ve had a SUPER busy but fun weekend in Dallas, but before I get to that, I want to catch up on what else we’ve been doing!  Here we go… (rubbing hands together…)

So let’s see… first of all I have been very busy building a baby.  I know it may not sound like a lot of work, and maybe mentally I don’t have to do much, but physically it’s been… ummm… a growing experience, HAHA!  Get it?  Okaaay…  But yeah so my tummy is getting bigger and bigger, and Matthew is still a very active little fetus.  He has gotten into a routine of sleeping and moving throughout the day, but his favorite time to REALLY move and shake is at night, around 11pm.  I guess that’s because it’s when I’m trying to sleep, and it’s really quiet, so Matthew feels like it’s up to him to keep things exciting.  For the most part I’ve been able to sleep pretty well, (okay, except for last week, which was a nightmare).  If Matthew is being super rambunctious, then Branden will talk to him against my tummy and Matthew usually stops to listen, hehe, so that provides a temporary relief!

I don’t have any new sonograms to share, but here is one of my latest tummy photos…  This is me (and Matthew) at Week 30:

And today is the first day of Week 33!  I’m getting pretty big, huh?  According to my cousin Andrew, it looks like I’m about to pop!  Haha!  Gee thanks Andrew. 😉  If you want to see all of my tummy pics, you can find them here.

Branden has been super busy getting Matthew’s nursery ready too!  The baby isn’t born yet and already Branden has been an awesome dad!  The biggest thing he’s done lately is to install a chair rail in Matthew’s room.  That’s already pretty impressive to me, but did I mention he did it ALL IN ONE DAY?  Yeah, my man’s pretty handy!  He also painted the walls cream and blue to match the crib bedding.  It’s looking so cute!  Here is a pic of the walls, plus the new glider and the crib:

Here is Branden celebrating when he realized he was done. =)

So that’s some of the baby news, but I wanted to share what other stuff the Ramseys have been up to the last few months!  Here’s a quick rundown…

In February we took a few trips to visit family.   First Branden and I went to San Leon to visit Branden’s dad and stepmom.  Not only are Ernie and Paula really sweet people, but they also live in a fun beach community and we can ride around in a golf cart to get to restaurants and to the beach!

Paula, Ernie, and Branden

You can see a few more San Leon pictures here.  Also in February I flew to Lubbock to visit my family, who I hadn’t seen since Christmas!  I can’t remember the last time that I spent time with my family alone, it was a neat weekend.

In March, one of my BFF’s Rachel Hammons had a baby shower in Houston, and I got to help host it!  It was a lot of fun and Rachel looked awesome.  She’s going to have a little boy too, and she’s due at the beginning of June!  I just need to convince her to move back to Houston (she and her hubby live in Memphis)!  That way her son and my son can grow up together and be friends. =)  Here’s a picture of our friend Jami, Rachel, me, and Rachel’s sis-in-law Sandra:

In March Branden and I also went to Dallas to see another friend named Rachel get married!  Rachel is doing her residency in Jackson, MS, and met her husband out there.  I was a little hesitant when she told me she wasn’t marrying a Texas boy, but after I met Ryan I decided he was alright. 😉  Rachel looked beautiful and blissfully happy, and the wedding was lots of fun.  And let me just say this pregnant lady did not hesitate to cut a rug on the dance floor!  I overheard some guy trying to convince his date to go dance, and he said, “See, she’s PREGNANT, and she’s still dancing!”  That’s right! =)

 The new Mr. and Mrs. Head!

One of the events in April was a little bittersweet.  A dear member of our family, Jo Lynne, went to be with the Lord after some heart complications.  She was my mom’s cousin, and she left behind a sweet husband, Chris, and two beautiful teenage daughters, Sarah and Haley.  Please say a prayer for them!  I thought Jo Lynne’s funeral was a really neat tribute to her life, and I could tell she had impacted a lot of people and many many people loved her.  Our family spent the day at their house with Chris and the girls, and we all really enjoyed the time together as a family.  We do know that Jo Lynne was (is) a believer in Jesus Christ, so we know she is in heaven and is experiencing health and joy beyond anything we can imagine.   But she sure will be missed!

Later in April, I had my first baby shower, YAY!!!  My girlfriends Missy, Audrey, and Jana hosted it, and it was one of the most beautiful showers I’ve ever been to!  (I can prove it, I have pictures.)  My Mom and Grandma flew down from Lubbock too, and I was so happy that they could be there to be a part of the happy day.  We played “guess the girth” and Grandma won!  She said it was because she has been giving me lots of hugs. =)  I am so very blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family.  I felt very loved!

Missy, me, Audrey, and Jana

Mama and me

Everything was adorable!

You can see more of the shower pictures here.  April also brought my friend Amy’s baby shower!  She is also having a boy, and he is due June 9th.  I only took a few pictures at that shower (I was too busy talking) =) and I don’t like any of those pictures, so I’m not going to post any. =)

Wow, this post is getting long, and I haven’t even talked about this weekend yet!  I think I’ll stop here for now.  Doesn’t hurt to leave yall in suspense, does it? =)  I’ll try really really hard to write again soon.  Have a great day everyone!


Baby Updates!

Hi everyone!  I know, it’s been forever since I’ve written, but life has been super busy over the last few weeks!  I’m sure you moms understand. =)  But never fear, I come bearing pictures!

So I guess the last time I blogged, I told you all that we’re having a boy!  So since then we’ve decided on his name, which I will now announce using a pillow that my sweet Mama has sewn for him:

Isn’t this the cutest pillow ever?  Mom has recently bought a monogram machine and has already put it to work. =)  So Branden and I chose the name “Matthew” because we really wanted a classic name that we knew would be good for him now and in fifty years too.  Plus it’s from the Bible. =)  We chose “Hale” because that’s Branden’s middle name, and I’ve always loved it.  It means “Hero”, isn’t that great?!  The day after we decided on Matthew’s name, I felt him kick for the first time!  I figured he was showing his appreciation for finally being given a name. =)  That was during week 20, and today is the first day of week 27!  I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by.  Matthew is getting so big!  And active!  I feel him kick and punch and flip all day long.  The other day  I was reading on the couch and I had my Kindle (book) resting on my tummy, and I could see it jump up whenever Matthew kicked.  Maybe he was telling me to stop reading?

Here are his latest sonograms (from week 21)

His adorable FEET!


His profile


Another Terminator pose =)

Every time I go in for an ultrasound I’m blown away by what our technology can do, and the little life that  God is building!  And now that you’ve seen how big Matthew is getting, time to see how big I’M getting!  Drumroll please…

That yellow shirt just barely fits now, haha!  I’m almost to the point where I can wear nothing but maternity clothes now.  Oh, and Branden also wanted to pose for a belly picture…

He’s looking good, huh? =)  He always likes to tell people that he’s taking it easy and not working himself too hard.  =)  No but really Branden has been a super supportive husband.  He rubs my sore feet and back, helped clean around the house, and he goes on walks with me around the neighborhood.  And the best thing is that he’s just as excited as I am.

I know it’s pretty obvious that I’m pregnant now, but I still can’t believe how bold people are being in public when they congratulate me or ask me how far along I am!  That’s just not something that you want to get wrong.  If you assume some lady is pregnant and she’s really not, then there’s no real way to recover from that.  You’ve basically told her she’s fat.  I guess you could always try Brian Regan’s approach…


(I couldn’t find a video of just the “baby” part, so if you want skip ahead to 1:56.  Or better yet listen to the whole bit because he’s that good.)

So many other fun things have been happening lately too, but this blog post has already gotten humungous so I’m going to call it quits for now.  More to come later!


Ten Years

Today is the ten year anniversary of when my sister Erin went to be with the Lord. She was a great sister and friend and I miss her dearly, but I know she is happy being with Jesus and she’s waiting patiently for us to join her in heaven one day!

I have more photos and information about Erin posted here. If you want to know more about my faith in Christ then just give me a holler! I’d be happy to share. Just having the peace of knowing where you’re going and where your loved ones are is worth it alone.

Have a wonderful evening and if you have any siblings then give them a squeeze. They are a blessing.


I know it’s pretty common for your parents to be excited and happy for you when you tell them they’re going to be grandparents.  Your mom may jump for joy and hug you senseless.  Your dad may shake your husband’s hand and give him a good pat on the back.  These are all well and good.  And probably normal.  But not my family.  Not especially my mother.  When we told her, she broke into the Hallelujah chorus.

Did I mention that neither Branden or I have any (living) siblings?  We’ve basically been the only hope for grandchildren for five adults.  And the only hope for great-grandchildren for three others.  I think they were happy when Branden and I got married, but what they were really celebrating was our ability to provide them with grandchildren.

Yeah, our kid is gonna be S-P-O-I-L-E-D.

And also an Aggie, in case it wasn’t obvious. =)

The results are in…

So my OB (baby doctor) was super nice and offered to let us come in yesterday morning without a real appointment and see if we could figure out the sex of the baby (since last week TBD didn’t cooperate).  In preparation for this event, I drank coffee and ate two pieces of chocolate.  (Hey, I gotta take one for the team, you know?)  And you know what, we were successful this time!  Want to know what TBD is?  Drumroll please…

We are so excited to finally know the sex of the baby!  And actually we are still going to call him “TBD” for now because we don’t have a name picked out yet.

And I know I’m a little behind in sharing some sonograms with yall, so here are the most recent ones:


Week 17 – The baby’s skull and spine are really evident here!


Week 18 – Branden and I think TBD looks like the Terminator in this one =)


And then here are a few belly pics that I’ve taken recently.  I’ll probably take them more often now that I’ll be expanding more rapidly. =)


Week 12 – Nothing much to see


Week 17 – Maybe a little something =)


And now as my friend Amy put it (who is also expecting a boy!), now comes the fun part… shopping and decorating!  Yay!

That “big” thing

So that “big thing” that I was talking about in my last blog post?  It’s time to talk about it (way passed time, really).  Although it’s not really that big; actually quite the opposite.  It’s rather small.  But it’s getting bigger!!  (Have you guessed what I’m talking about yet?)  If not then how about this:  It’s causing a lot of trouble and disruption in my life, but I’ve never been so happy or excited to be troubled or disrupted!  Got it now?  If not, then last chance:  My pants don’t fit anymore.  Okay okay.  If you still don’t know what I’m talking about then you’re obviously a guy.  Now for the grand announcement:

We’re going to have a baby!!!

Okay that huge font probably gave away the answer from the very beginning, but oh well.  This needs to be loud and exciting!  Because I’m feeling loud and excited!  Do you know how hard it is not to go up to every person on the street and say “Guess what, I’m pregnant?”  I even have the urge to tell perfect strangers.  I do that a lot, actually.  Tell perfect strangers that I’m preggers.  I think I actually did that the day after I found out, back when I wasn’t supposed to be telling everyone.  It kinda slipped out at the Clinique counter.  But I’m not sorry I did it because it was fun.

So anyway, the baby is due July 3rd.  I am in week 17 of my pregnancy, which means I’m almost halfway through!  We were SUPPOSED to find out yesterday if it’s a boy or girl, but Baby Ramsey decided to be modest, and then later started moving around but put the umbilical chord between its legs.  I’m pretty sure this was done on purpose.  The baby isn’t even born yet and it’s already messing with us.  It’s definitely Branden’s child.

But since we can’t really call it “he” or “she” right now, we’ve been calling the baby “TBD”, as in “to be decided”.  It may not sound very cute but we make it cute.  Branden will come up to me and be like, “How is TBD doing today?”  And Mom will email me and tell me to give Baby TBD a little pat for her.  Now you think it’s cute, don’t you? =)

I’ve been to a few doctors appointments, and so far TBD has shown to be completely healthy, although he or she does have a big head.  (But that’s normal.)  Want to see some ultrasound pictures?  Of course you do!!

Here are the photos from Week 9.  I call these the “The little smudge”:

TBD is obviously just a little spot on the screen at this point, but somehow my doctor was able to tell that both heart chambers were present and that the heartbeat was the correct speed.  I have no idea how doctors do that.  But this early on even we could see the heartbeat on the screen and see the baby wiggle a little bit!

And then here are the much better photos two weeks later, at Week 11.  This was a really cool ultrasound because when the nurse tapped on my tummy we could see TBD push off the “ground” and float and wiggle his or her limbs!


(I have another photo from our appointment yesterday but I haven’t scanned it yet, so that one will come later.)

Aren’t ultrasound photos amazing??  If this doesn’t remind you how powerful and creative and amazing God is, then I don’t know what will.

Branden and I are SUPER excited and can’t wait to meet TBD.  The idea of being parents is kind of terrifying, but we’re okay with that.  I’m also VERY thankful because I haven’t had any morning sickness and the only food aversions I’ve had are for red onions, which I normally really like.  And I really, really like salty food right now, more so than normal  I would eat potato chips for every meal if I could.  Besides that I’ve had almost zero pregnancy symptoms, but now finally my tummy is starting to expand a little, which is great because it means TBD is expanding too!

Anyway, I’ve written yall a short novel at this point, so I’ll stop for now.  But don’t worry I have a feeling I’ll have lots of baby things to talk about in the near future.  I think that’s part of being a mom, bragging about your kids. =)

Happy New Year!

Ahhhh, a night off, finally! Haven’t had one of these in a while. Branden and I were supposed to visit a friend tonight who just had a baby, but due to some change of plans it didn’t work out. I’m disappointed not to meet the new baby yet, but it is rather nice to have a quiet evening at home!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! No doubt it was somewhat hectic but enjoyable and memorable. Mine sure was! I’ve just been looking through a few photos from the last few weeks to share with you guys, and so now I will commence my slide show presentation of the holidays. Buckle up!

These first few are of Branden and me, his mom Debby, and my parents, before leaving for the Christmas Eve service at my parents’ church. (All of us plus my grandma spent Christmas in Lubbock, which is where Mom and Dad and Grandma now live, as of a few months ago.)

Branden and Mama Ramsey


Me and my man


Mom and Dad


This is one of the things I got Branden for Christmas.  Have you ever watched The Big Bang Theory?  If so then you’ll recognize this as one of Sheldon’s shirts.  Oh so nerdy yet oh so cool…

We had a really great time in Lubbock all together.  We watched movies, worked puzzles, went on walks, met some of Mom and Dad’s new friends at church, enjoyed opening presents and reading the Christmas story, and overall just being together.  I love my family and treasure each time I get to spend with them!

During the Christmas “break” I also got to meet up with one of my best friends in the world, Mrs. Rachel Hammons, who unfortunately now calls Memphis her home.  But fortunately for me her family is still here in Houston so I get an excuse to see her at least once a year!

And to top it all off, we even had a great New Years Eve party to go to!  Our dear friends Ben and Lynn threw a little shindig at their house, and it was super fun!  I enjoyed catching up with all the girls, the boys shot fireworks and blew up a pumpkin, (I’m not kidding), and we rang in 2011!


From left to right is me, Lynn, Erika, Polly the cat, Jen, and Elizabeth


Here is Lynn and her fabulous self:

One final note:  There is something else big going on in our life right now, but it’s so big that it deserves it’s own blog post, so that will be coming next!  (I might even start writing it right now!)  Oooh, suspense!!  Haha.


Cures for Christmas stress

So with all of the busyness of Christmastime, it’s easy to get stressed out and forget to enjoy ourselves.  So I have concocted a list of some of the things that help me de-stress and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.  Enjoy!

  1. Doing my Christmas shopping online
  2. Decorating the tree with the hubs
  3. 100

  4. Going to Starbucks and getting delicious holiday flavors
  5. Listening to “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, my most favorite of Christmas albums
  6. Giving a Snuggie as a white elephant gift (that’s Katherine in the pic; she’s one of our Sunday school directors)
  7. Saying “Merry Christmas” to everyone who tells me “Happy Holidays”
  8. Being married to this sweet man  (Sorry this isn’t something you can do yourself, but maybe you can find a close substitute)
  9. And most importantly, remembering the true meaning of Christmas

Reading is for cool people

One of my favorite things I’ve been attending lately is a book club that some of my girlfriends and I started for ladies in the Katy area!  We meet once a month and discuss a book that we’ve agreed to read.  Sometimes the books are ones I would have never thought to read on my own, like Life of Pi, which is great because it gets me to expand my horizons a tad. =)  Some of the books I really like (like Little Women!) and some not so much (cough, Frankenstein, cough). But whether the book is amazing or not, we always have fun getting together and discussing what we thought.

So this month we read Little Women, and I’m embarrassed to say I don’t think I’ve ever read it before now!  (Gasp!)  It was one of the sweetest books I’ve ever read.  I flew through it.  It was positive, encouraging, sometimes sad, sometimes romantic, but always hopeful and joyful.  The characters were greatly developed and I found myself cheering and crying for them.  Almost every chapter had a moral, a lesson that one of the daughters learned.  And the overall theme, to me, seemed to be that love and family is more important than any material possessions.  I really recommend reading this book!

And to celebrate Christmas, we decided that this month instead of our normal book discussion, we would cook dinner and watch the Little Women movie.  The movie was really great as well, and it was funny how many big stars were in it (who weren’t such huge stars at the time).  Namely this guy:

Look familiar?  Maybe this will ring a bell…

Now go read something you enjoy! =)